Sunday, January 04, 2004

Weblogging from Iran

Iran is mentioned usually on Western Media only around issues of being part of Bush's "Evil axis countries" and big politics.

The recent earthquake that has destroyed a city and thousands of its inhabitants has made an impact and some other humane stories of sorrow have leaked through.

But interesting things are happening in Iran in the area of mass communication. Hossein Derakhshan's English weblog on Iran is compelling reading because it presents and reports on the weblog movement that is growing in that country and has become an Iranian weblog movement with a big network of educated people all around the world.
Their fight is for democracy and reform.

Among many of the stories in his Blog on November 23/03 he reported on the blogging activity of Mohammad Ali Abtahi a reformist politician and vice president of the country.

This is good news of democracy in Iran. In his website Abtahi tells about himself and his everyday life, including photos taken with his mobile phone camera. The best of all is his idea of listening to others. It is possible to take contact with him and comment on his blog.

I have just done it. We will see if he has the time to answer.


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