Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Internet a truly international resource?

Internet like many other technologies were created Eurocentric. And this will have to change. Like many other things many westerners using Internet asumme that everybody has to write using the Western alphabet. But the facts tells us that millions of people in this planet have languages that use diferent characters. And the Internet should include them.

Eurocentrism is naturalized as "common sense" and by this concept goes that the best has been created by Europeans which includes also "neo-Europeans" of the Americas, Australia and elsewhere.

Eurocentrism, as Ella Shohat and R.Stam have described it, engenders a fictitious sense of the innate superiority of European derived cultures and peoples.

The Internet as as site of power has been develop in the English-speaking countries. But the demographics are against this dominance.

BBC reports that since the net's centre of gravity is moving East, there are efforts aimed at finding standards in order to communicate more easily and make Internet a truly international resource.

I hope that this type of news increases an awareness of how big the World really is and how Eurocentrism narrows our view of the planet.


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