Tuesday, January 20, 2004

A Challenge

The Democracy Seminar began yesterday. We were several colleagues around a large table.

Jostein introduced the main topics to be addressed and made a very good summary with comments around Habermas article. New readings were discussed and future presentations.

It was agreed by “qualified” consensus (or was it the authoritarian voice of Jostein? :-) ) that the Seminar will have a somehow Waltz Rhythm: two heavy theoretical sessions will be always followed by a lighter one focusing on possible applications of Discourse Theory to tecnology changes or other relevant Media phenomena.
I suggested (shyly) discussing the bloggers activity as an interesting phenomenon. Actually expanded forms of the Public sphere appear to grow out of the conversational and autonomous character of weblogs. They are actually congregating a increasing number of individuals (and groups) across the Internet in order to discuss and debate on a wide range of issues.
Given the lack of other suggestions Jostein decided to go for it.

A nice challenge.


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