Friday, January 30, 2004

Our ceremony

The University of Bergen is changing and adapting to new times and several reforms. As an employee I feel proud that this changes take place and hope that they will work for the best.

As part of this transformations The Department of Media Studies and the Dept of Information Studies have fused recently and we have must probably will get a new name: Department of Information and Media Studies (for short INFOMEDIA).

This became official from January the 1st 2004. But we are celebrating it today. At 12.30 we gathered us for an Inaugural lesson or Academic lecture by prominent lawyer and Norwegian Scholar Jon Bing. We were offered nice food and some champagne and later the official opening took place with speeches by the University Director, Rector, Decanus, and Chairman.

It was a very nice event and we all seemed to enjoy it very much.
Here are two pictures taken by me during the ceremony.

Jon Bing lecturing

And our dear Rector congratulates.


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