Tuesday, May 25, 2004

New Media Conference

By invitation of Professor Barbara Gentikow our Department of Information Science and Media Studies, University of Bergen is organizing a
New Media Conference titled New Media as Culture Techniques and as Fora for Communicative Action.

Taking place in Bergen Thursday, May 27 and Friday, 28 the Conference will focus "on the media as media, that is the materiality and technology of mediated communication. We are predominantly interested in the cultural and social meanings of material and technological changes. The emergence of new media in our perspective 'means' not only new technologies, but also new configurations of the cultural and social landscape. "

Guest speakers from Germany, USA, Norway and England include well known scholars in the field. Among them Reader Graham Murdoch, Prof. Jochen Brüning, Prof. Friedrich Kittler, Prof. Colin Sparks, Prof. Don Ihde and Prof. Barbara Gentikow.

By the title and the guests speakers it promises to be a very interesting experience.


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