Tuesday, March 09, 2004

Short narratives are fascinating. And when they are written by masters of storytelling like Augusto Monterroso (Guatemala/Mexico 1924-2003) one wonders how easy they look. In reality to write good short narratives is a craft that a few talented writers have developed to the high Art.

Monterroso is one of the masters of short prose, an admirer of Jorge Luis Borges and admired by Italo Calvino.
Besides brevity, Monterroso employs a variety of innovative narrative techniques that contribute to the effectiveness of his prose.

At the moment I am trying to edit and finished a portrait documentary about Augusto Monterroso, mostly videotaped in Mexico in the span of two years. Today I want to share one of his incredible short stories from his book The black ship and other fables.

The Tortoise and Achilles

by Augusto Monterroso
Finally, according to the cable, last week the Tortoise arrived at the finish line. At the press conference he declared modestly that all along he had feared that he was going to lose, since his competitor was right on his heels.
As it happened, one ten thousand trillionth of a second later, like an arrow and cursing Zeno of Elea, Achilles crossed the line.


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