Friday, February 13, 2004

An interesting project

Many things happening now around me at the moment.

Thursday and today Friday, Bergen was the site of an interesting Seminar called SEX(Y)KUNST a project aiming to examine gender and sexuality while researching and creating texts and artworks that deal with the boundaries between Knowledge Production, Art expression and how they are organized and presented to its audiences.

A multidisciplinary group of around 30 persons (mostly women) gathered together yesterday to listen and participate on the workshop by Ingebjørg Seip a philosophy Doctor and writer (from Trondheim) who discussed representations of body and lust in writing and images. A very interesting and inspiring way of lecturing and giving short three minute exercises for the audience to participate in the process of discovering and sharing ideas around these issues.

Today the main presentation and workshop was given by Hanna Hallgren a scholar and writer from Sweden in a workshop where she questioned and proposed to experiment with the mixing of genre literature and academic writing. Quite a challenge indeed.

This project has as goal to publish a book and present an art exhibition in the year 2006 and was initiated by two engaged scholars from Oslo the Artist Christel Sverre and the Gender and Media Researcher Wencke Mühleisen.

The Project has inaugurated its own blog and expects to continue to meet in the near future, while applying for necessary funds to carry out the activities in order to fulfil the planned exhibition.


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