Monday, March 01, 2004

Film and dramaturgy?

In English the word "dramaturgy" is not usually associated with film or television, and usually reserved to the world of Theater. A quick search in Google gives a very restricted and somehow disappointing answer to the question: what is dramaturgy?

In Scandinavia on the other side, the concept of Dramaturgy is very often used also in connection to the way a film is structured and built in order convey a story that has emotional impact on the audience. Many decisions have to be taken in order de design the way a story is going to be presented on the big screen: how it will begin, what happens, in which order the action is going to unfold, what are the main conflicts and how are they going to be solved as the story closes.

In the canonic or classic narration several books coincide in pointing to the following elements in the way a story is to be structured:
a) a prolog where the main conflict is established,
b) a presentation of the main characters their surroundings and relationships,
c) the building up of obstacles toward a climax and
d) a resolution of the story at the end of the film.


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