Wednesday, May 05, 2004

Non-linear narratives make it to the art institutions

Non-linear narratives in the novel are quite new. I remember reading with total amazement in the 70s the famous novel by Julio Cortázar Hopscotch (Rayuela)(1966) the probably first hyper text novel ever written. It made a strong experience on me, not only for his playful and innovative structure but for his deep meaning and the strong emotional impact it makes in the reader.

Non-linear narratives have begun to appear in film, too and both Memento and The Usuals Suspects are good examples of it.

And now it looks like they have made it to art institutions and galleries. Via Jill Walker, I learn today that the “House of Culture” in Stockholm is showing an interactive art installation that plays around the theme of unreliable narrators in film by means of a private eye story in a nonlinear drama.

The project sounds very interesting and is the work of Knifeandfork an international artist collective with an appetite for social computing and cutting-edge technologies. If you go to their site, look for the trailer. I loved it.


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