Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Open source and class distinctions

Jill Walker is moving (or has moved) her blog from Movable Type to Wordpress. I admire that because it means some extra work, new knowledge and a change of habits. I am planning to do the same for the same IMPORTANT REASON: Wordpress software is an active participant of the Web Standards and Open Source Initiative.

My other reason is solidarity. I shared the worries of some of my friends and colleagues from Latin America and Africa. For them is not so easy to afford the new Movable Type software. Do people know that hosting alone is much more expensive in "Thirld World" countries that in the "Western World of Opulence and Honey"? Just to mention another one of the many Internet Access Barriers?

Wordpress should consider this. And if in the future they want or need to charge for their software, they should remember that not everybody in this planet is "white, male, rich and famous" :-) as some bloggers and developers seem to assume ;-)

Solidarity with others means adhering to the mission of Internet's most biting WaSP!


Blogger Loic said...

Movable type still has a free version available, so I think you exagerate quite a bit when you say that people in the third world countries cannot afford it. Can't they afford a free version for personal use ?

5:56 PM  
Blogger Álvaro Ramírez said...

Loic: I am not exagerating about income possibilities for the mayority of people in the so called "Third World" countries. Statistically it is a fact.
But that is not my point. Correct me if I am wrong. What I am saying in this post is that the new version of MT (which was announced as paid) is expensive for many people (not all) in poor countries (and I will add here that also for some of the not so poor in the US and Europe).
If it is true, as you say, that the new version of MT is still available at no charge for personal use, I have not checked my facts. But that is not a case of exaggeration.

6:14 PM  
Blogger Matt said...

The good thing about WordPress is that its license is GPL. I cannot suddenly start charging for its software.

4:52 PM  
Blogger Álvaro Ramírez said...

Thanks for your comment because it explains something that I did not know. I learned about GPL(General Public License) only today, via Wikipedia. The GPL (or better called GNU)license is recognized as an Open Source license. Therefore a particular "popular license for free software"

5:51 PM  

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