Friday, March 04, 2005

Film classics in top DVD transfers

Criterion Collection has always been the very best on the DVD market. They began doing their top quality and careful film transfers in the old times of Laser Discs (eighties and nineties). They have become a legend in the industry for their classic catalog, superb commentaries, booklets, and other "special features."

But Warner Home Video is now out there to compete with them. According to Fred Kaplan:
Now it's time to take note of another logo that almost guarantees high quality—Warner Home Video. At least since 2002, the video division of Warner Bros. has released one great-looking DVD after another. I know of no other label, in fact, whose output has been more consistently spectacular.

A recent 2 disc edition of Casablanca and other valuable releases of films like Singing' in the rain and The Band Wagon show an outstanding picture quality and color definition and rendition. Why? Because they've been mastered from the original Technicolor three-strip negatives. In some ways, these DVDs have finer color and detail than even the original film prints. In the old days, it was difficult to align those three strips perfectly but now Warner is doing and coming out with authentic jewels.

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