Monday, March 14, 2005

Borealis 2005, the festival

The Borealis 05 is a tiny festival for contemporary music, experimental sound and navigation. It has just began here in Bergen and it will last until the 20th of March.

The festival will be a week-long celebration of Terry Riley's 70th Birthday a man who is a legend in contemporary music, and who will be in Bergen with some of his most known colaborators. Terry Riley is from San Francisco and was the man who started minimalism in 1964 and managed to associate La Monte Young, Philip Glass og Steve Reich to the movement. Robert Fripp and King Crimson calle Riley "The Father of the Loop".
At four p.m today he will be talking about his music, minimalism and hippie times in San Francisco at the Bergen Hall of Art.

The program for the week includes concerts with Terry Riley, Krishna Bhatt, Nihar Mehta, Gyan Riley, Stefano Scodanibbio, The Vigil Band, Zuleikha. Bergen Harding-fiddle 'In C' Orchestra, Vibracathedral Orchestra, Bollyphony, N-Collective, 9 Beet Stretch among others.

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