Sunday, September 02, 2007

Connecting with others, celebrating Blog Day

We could say we are celebrating Blog Day this week. A unique opportunity to link to people and blogs that we seldom connect to, read or know about.

As part of this "linking" celebration and inspired by David Sasaki I want to recommend some blogs to you.

The first one is Bangladesh from our View where a group of girls from the Nari Jibon Project tells about their lives, businesses and dreams while they participate in the Risisng Voices Online Project that aims to give them skills and access to the digital world available via Internet. It is very inspiring to read them and have a peek in their lives and whereabouts.

A similar group or young people in Sierra Leone has began to work together and soon will begin their blogging activities to show the world that this country is much more than blood and diamonds. In their site is possible to get to know who them a little bit.

Building the culture of writing, reading, and critical thinking among youth in Kolkata's social and economic margins in Kalam: Margins Write the tutors talk about this initiative and their experiences with bringing blogging tools and writing skills to the underprivileged of India.

Authentic citizen journalism from Colombia is still alive and well in The Colombian Herald is a new media outlet that uses blogging tools to air an independent view of what happens in a rich and beautiful land facing enormous challenges due to long civil war being fueled by money coming from cocaine trade.

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