Friday, June 08, 2007

Culture as exchange of ears

In this insightful and prophetic text Eduardo Galeano, the argentinean author and prolific writer defines his and others people´s approach to culturre several decades before the creation of the Internet with all the participative and conversational modes of communication that this technology allows.
"Culture did not end for us in production and consume of books, paintings, symphonies, films or theatre plays. It did not even started there. We understood culture as the creation or any meeting place between human beings, and all the symbols of collective memory and identity: testimonies of what we are, the prophecies of imagination and the denunciation of what stop us from being.

We wanted to talk to people and answer their words. In order not to get mute, we believed culture had to begin by not being deaf. We published our texts about reality but also, and moreover, texts from reality. Words picked up in the street, in fields, in mine caves, stories of life, folk songs."

Food for thought

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